• Custom Design: Experience has taught me which materials and styles work well together. I can help you find the most pleasing frame for your art and memorabilia from our thousands of different frame and matboard choices. We aim to make it easier for you to select the look you want. I am here to show you options for style and price


  • Glass Cutting: I am always replacing broken glass, it happens, and I just cut the glass to fit and clean and seal it all back, and check to replace the wire as well.  I can update the glass to UV protection or non glare if you wish.


  • Mat Cutting: I can show you several options for design with the matting colors, textures or style cuts to go with the art, sometimes white or black is the best simple choice.  I can custom fit a mat to a frame you have to fit art to make something work.


  • Frame Restorations: I repair damaged frames by reglueing, rejoining, touch ups, involves matching wood stains and mixing my own.Mexican Poncho


  • Ready-made frames in standard sizes: Frame your pictures when you need a lower cost frame in a little shorter time.


  • Canvas stretching: I work with oil paintings and canvasses of all kinds.  A standard wrap, or gallery wrap if the sides are shown with no frame.


  • Commercial Framing: Several frames at once to match a look or all the same, or an artists opening.  This is a group contract rate and good savings.